How i spent my summer vacation
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There is nothing better when your childhood dreams come true. No matter how silly or childish they are. Mine always been to drive around on autobahn in my own awesome car. My dream came true summer of 2005.

It all started one day when i opened my mail and saw a wedding invitation from my friend and coworker Andrey and his soon-to-be wife Kai. Except this was no ordinary wedding ivitation - they were going to get married in Tuscany, Italy.

I decided that since I never been to Italy, I absolutely must go. I also decided to look into getting a new car via BMW European Delivery program. My current '03 745 was getting over 40,000 miles and new '06 750 just came out with faster engine and bunch of new cool features. And so new 750i was ordered for Monday, June 20th pickup in Munich. I was planing to drive down to Italy for the wedding which was on Thursday, the 23rd of June. So i hop the Delta flight to Munich on Sunday 19th in early morning and with a brief stop in Atlanta the adventure begins.

On the car:
Switching from "Li" and no sport package to "i" with a sport package made a huge difference. Can also feel the difference between the engines. Really love bluetooth (had razr paired with the car), convinience access and comfort access packages. Can't wait to re-unite with the car (should be here early September). The car was really built for autobahns and high-speed travel. It will be hard to keep it under 80mph here in the states.

Update: I was re-united with the car on August 25th, traded in my 745Li and was on my way. There is also a forbes article on European Delivery Programs.